Cheese Cake Burger & Sandwich

by fiosf

No, I did not eat a Cheese Cake Burger 🙂 Despite the thought of many people who have not been to a Cheese Cake Factory – they also serve a lot of other stuff than Cheese Cake.

Its a really touristic thing to go there, but I took the chance to go there while a friend from germany came to visit. (Actually I have been there before to try the Cheese Cake but not the other food).

Located on top of Macy´s at Union Square, meaning its always crowded, we were lucky to get a seat outside in the sun. If you sit outside, be prepared to visitors that will distract you from eating 🙂 but I actually enjoyed it, as you can see.IMG_0769

My friend ordered a smoked house burger and her words were exactly this: ” I did not expect that, but this is the best burger I have ever eaten, and believe me, I tried a lot”. I was laughing and I tried it, it was really good. Me instead I had a sandwich (been eating to many burgers in the past, I need some “variety” ;). I am a big avocado fan, so I ordered a chicken avocado sandwich with fries. The fries were really good and the sandwich was too. For my mouth it was kind of too large to eat, but I managed it while I got scared so many times from the bird.

IMG_0768 IMG_0766

Our was really considerate, he took care of us very well and came often to refill our drinks. Because of the high demand, it is not a place were you can sit after eating and enjoy the view… in a very nice manner they made it clear that they need our table for the next guests.

Overall I liked the food and the service, but for me it is to hectic, because I am an enjoyer 🙂