Hangover Brunch

by fiosf

I don´t know how you feel, but me, after a long night with friends, dancing and maybe drinking too much, I wake up and I really need some unhealthy food.

After a night like this, I am not going to cook myself. That is what brought us to the Mission District again.

We ended up in a Breakfast and Brunch place called Boogaloo that was as extraordinary as its name.


As at every good brunch place we had to write our names on the waiting list, but I can tell, it definitely was worth it. We were seated and served from a bunch of tattooed, long-haired guys that gave the rustically furnished small place a great atmosphere. They fed us regularly with coffee and water – all you need hangovered.

The menu sounded like a standard menu that you can find everywhere else, but what I saw on the plates while waiting was definitely not regular. I decided not to look in the menu, but to tell one of the tattooed guys that I want exactly the same as my neighbor.

The result was this:


“EGGS BARRIO with Bacon and Avocado”

It looks kind of pervert, but hangovered thats exactly what I needed. 2 poached eggs on an english muffin with Avocado, Bacon and homemade fries. Even though the meaning of fries confused me here because those were roasted potatoes, this was amazing!

The plate was huge and for $12 definitely worth it.


I can highly recommend this place, check it out yourself 🙂

And if you are looking for more meat, you can do the Boogaloo and add all your favorites to your “playlist” 🙂

3296 22nd Street (22nd and Valencia Street)
San Francisco