Sai´s Vietnamese Restaurant

by fiosf

After our midterm ending at 8pm… you can imagine how exhausted me and my friends were… we just wanted some good food. One of my friends proposed a Vietnamese Restaurant not far from our school, which made it attractive on the one side but on the other side I was not sure if I should go. The reason for this: I always… really always pick the wrong food in any kind of Asian Restaurants.

Thanks to my friends, we ended up going there. The place is called Sai´s Vietnamese Restaurant at 505 Washington St, 94111 San Francisco. My friends helped me to order something I could like and this is what I got:



On the menu this is choice number 1. Fried prawns, beef, chicken, veggies (Broccoli & Carrots) a salad and rice. For the first time (at least in San Francisco) I enjoyed my Asian Food!! For me the best part was the beef, it was really tasty and cooked perfectly. It may does not look that big, but the plate was huge – I took half of it home – and this for $12.

My friend ordered Vietnamese Dumplings. They looked totally different then the ones I know but I told myself to try everything AND it was worth it. Even though they looked like little urchins, their taste was amazing. I don’t even know what they are made of but it definitely had some beef inside and rice at the outside.



I can highly recommend this place, not only because of the food, price and the FREE TEA we got, but also because of the service. I think that night we got served by the owner – he was really mindful and took good care of us. One of my friends ordered Vietnamese tea and he came to ask if he likes it sweeter and if the tea is good in general or if they can change something about it. This shows that they are really caring and want to satisfy their customers needs.


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