Composite Photography: Across the Great Divided

by fiosf

Hello Followers,
have a look at this awesome picture of the Skyline and the funny feature 🙂


cityscape fantasy imagination  funny comic superhero obzervashunal Ah, if only I COULD travel across cities like this…
K’lee L. ©2014

I can’t always be serious about my photography. I should say, I don’t want to always be serious about my photography.

Sometimes the creation of a photo you can laugh at or at the very least smile about is worth taking time to create.

This shot happened in two parts: The expansive ‘cityscape’ is a photo I took recently from a vantage point I’d never visited before; the ever-so-high-up on the hill, Coit Tower in the North Beach sector of San Francisco. I’m always looking for new ways to get my exercise in and believe me, this was a climb and a half!

The fiver of me tumbling across the sky actually came from a recent shoot I did at The Palace of Fine Arts also in San Francisco.

Why the two shots formed a composite in…

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