West of Pecos Brunch in the Mission

by fiosf

After a great Party Weekend me and my roommates were longing for some good food. We took the BART to Castro to have a good Brunch (because we heard it is good there) but we finally ended up in the Mission at a place called “West of Pecos” http://westofpecos.com/index.html. Every Restaurant was crowded with a line of approximately 30 Min.

We found this place at 550 Valencia Street between 16th and 17th Street. The location was pretty amazing: one the walls there were Skulls and some dried herbs which gave it a very authentic atmosphere for a Southwestern inspired restaurant.

Welcomed by a really funny waiter (I think he was still drunk or simply in a good mood) we ordered different plates, from “Chucky Guacamole Chips”, to a “Woodhouse Grilled Artichoke” and a “Hatch Green Chile Cheese Burger”.

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Summarized, the service was amazing as well as the freshly made Guacamole and the Artichoke was not made as expected but still good. The Burger buns were not the regular ones you normally get, they were made of sourdough and if they would not have been that burnt, the composition would have been really great. The sauce on the Burger was called “Chipotle Aioli” and I expected it to be a bit spicy which it  was not. Also I did not taste any Aioli but besides that the patty was medium like I ordered and the veggies were fresh – so I cannot complain. The Stake fries that were served with the Burger tasted good and I am sure that they were freshly prepared.

Overall it satisfied our needs but I think this was a one time Brunch there because there was not a lot variety to choose from (at least not for what I was looking for).