Soma Street Food Park

by fiosf

Soma Street Food Park

By accident we passed by this SOMA Street Food Park in 428 11th Street ( and decided to buy some food there. Immediately we were attracted by this truck called “Bacon & Bacon” without knowing what will expect us. We ordered a Bacon Burger, a Pork Belly Burger, Fries with pulled pork and last but not least a Slice of crispy Bacon dipped in chocolate. The fries were amazing! The Bacon Burger consisted only of the buns, a patty, bacon and cheese. I was missing some lettuce and veggies but overall it was a good burger if you added some ketchup and mustard yourself. Now the extraordinary part (at least for me) – bacon with chocolate. I expected the taste to be very  strange because of the salty bacon and the sweet of the chocolate but actually it blended well. They neutralized each others taste and made it to something indescribable but good. The only negative point is that we paid over $30 for this meal without any drinks. IMG_0256 IMG_0257 IMG_0259IMG_0258